Ayahuasca's upcoming debut album


Ayahuasca are a psychedelic five piece from Italy that incorporate so many of the classic psych sounds. "Naad" is their long anticipated release following the original debut on Salty Dog Records with their sold out 7" single 'Vicious Mothers'. Naad features the hit single and others which take you on a journey through their heavy bluesed out psych.

The first full length album by Ayahuasca tells the story of Naad, an anthropomorphic entity that represents the auditory apparatus of a submerged universe.

Naad symbolizes the ability to listen to our emotions, when he journeys to the most remote depths of a primordial ocean where emotions take life, turning into creatures that give shape and voice to feelings.

Naad finds himself immersed in an environment where sounds are confused and muffled. The exploration of this environment brings Naad to meet creatures that allow him to clearly hear sounds and emotions, to understand them, and include them in his being.

Ayahuasca personifies the human emotional apparatus in this entity, talking about how difficult and necessary it is for our growth, to have the strength to take a trip into our own emotions, an ambiguous and mysterious place, where it is possible to rediscover what has deeply collapsed inside of us to the most remote corners of our subconscious.

This record is an invitation to take a trip inside oneself. To loose oneself, and to find oneself again.

Naad will be available for pre-order later this year.




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  • richard schellenberger

    Love it! can`t wait for release.. any chance of getting album signed? many thanks for the music!!

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