The WRS - Capicúa

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The word Capicúa is Spanish for palindrome and was chosen as it represents for us the idea of a sound loop. Something cyclic but also something that could come from the unknown reminded by this foreign word, some sort of a psychedelic exoticism.

The album cover was designed by the talented Elzo Durt, whom we do not introduce any- more as he so much fed the musical scene with his work those last past years. This artwork illustrates a body about to explode, whose anatomy and colors seem to be coming out from the chaotic mind of a crazy anatomist, trapped in a lysergic loop.

After releasing their debut and eponym studio album in 2019 followed by a live album in 2021, the WRS will put out their 2nd studio album "Capicúa" on September 16, 2022 on Rockerill Records (BE), Time Room Records (BE), Mystery Jack Recordings (US/UK) & Salty Dog Records (AUS).